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Brother Copy Board Seiko InkLink and SmartPad


Mimio Whiteboard Digital Assistant



Mimio is a new revolution in presentation and teaching technologies. As much as the Blackboard / Chalk, Whiteboard / Erasable Ink has revolutionized the education system; Mimio is bringing education and presentation techniques to a higher level. With Mimio, you can store everything you write on a whiteboard or flip-chart on electronic storage or computer system, making it easy to print, embed, share, and publish lectures, corporate presentations, and other uses. Mimio is available for PC, Mac and for Flip-Chart boards. Click here for more details on Mimio products.  

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Brother Copy Board



Brother Copy Board is another product to revolutionize your presentation facility. It comes with Built-in Thermal Printer, Easel, and PC Link accessories and software to store and share your presentations. You can purchase a Brother Copy Board starting as low as $995.00 (Canadian).  

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Which whiteboard assistant is better for you?



Mimio is a portable device that you can carry in your suite case or even pocket (mimio Xi). It can be used with literally any whiteboard. It is ideal for professors conducting lectures in different class rooms, sales and technical professionals conducting presentations at different locations.

Brother Copy Board is a whiteboard equipped with a thermal printer and digital ports to connect with a PC. It is ideal for educational and training facilities as well as board rooms.




SEIKO smart products


Do you use a handheld computer using Palm or Pocket PC operating systems? If so, then our next question would be, did you stop taking notes on a notepad?. For most handheld users, notepad is still part of their desk accessories. So far, handheld didn't replace the notepad completely, and the notepad is still as organized as you are. However, Seiko InkLink and SmartPad are the newest products that will combine the advantages of both old and new writing pads.


Seiko InkLink is a small device that you can clip on your notepad and connect with your handheld. Using a special Electronic Pen, you can store everything you write on the notepad onto your handheld. It can't be simpler yet very useful application. Seiko InkLink is a must for every handheld user because it is about time to make technology more natural. At $175.00 (Canadian), Seiko InkLink is affordable to every handheld user.  

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SmartPad 2 is the elegant way of writing on your handheld computer. It comes with Zippered portfolio that include special space to your handheld, cell phone and notepad as well as an electronic wireless keyboard for your handheld organizer. Using infrared technology, everything you write on your notepad is stored on your handheld. SmartPad 2 is for every handheld user. It is affordable at $240.00 (Canadian).   

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