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Palm Handheld Organizers


Palm Organizers Comparison Table

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Software Capabilities
v4.0 v4.0 v3.5 v3.5 v3.5 v3.5 v3.5 Palm Operating System
Compatible with thousands applications
Internet Capabilities
      Built-in wireless
Access Internet, e-mail, web clipping, Browsing
  SMS for text messaging
Sync to desktop e-mail
Expansion Capabilities
      SD/MultimediaCard Expansion Card Slot
      Universal Connector with USB and Serial Support
  Serial Connector
4.9 oz 4.0 oz 4.4 oz 4.4 oz 6.7 oz 4.8 oz 6.8 oz Ultra light weight
      Ultra-thin design
      Interchangeable Color Faceplates
Classic Palm Handheld Functions
Organizer Basics: Date Book, Address Book, 
To Do List, Memo Pad
    Exclusive Palm Applications, Note Pad, Alarm Clock
Infrared for beaming
PC Synchronization to Palm Desktop Software or Microsoft Outlook
Mac Synchronization to Palm Desktop Software
USB Support
Bonus Software
  AOL for Palm OS Handhelds
  AvantGo Web Channel Manager
      DataViz Document to Go for editing Word and Excel documents
      MGI PhotoSuite Mobile Edition for viewing images and video clips
      Palm Reader for eBooks
Storage Capacity
Room for thousands of addresses, appointments, to-dos, e-mails, applications and more.
8MB 8MB 8MB 2MB 8MB 8MB 8MB Memory
64MB 64MB       SD Card expansion (maximum of)
  Upgradable flash ROM
Screen Display
Color Display Support
Back-lit Screen
      Back-lit graffiti area
Long-Life Battery Support
      Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery
      Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
    Replaceable AAA Battery
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