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Network Appliances

Small is Beautiful and Easy is Attractive

3COM Network Appliances:
Easy Solutions at Small Prices

In the stone ages, humans dug into the rocks of the mountains to make caves and use them as shelters. As the civilization advanced, people built their homes from small blocks made of wood, clay or stone. Instead of engraving homes into the rocks, we created building blocks and assembled them in more beautiful and comfortable fashion.

For many years people have thought of computers as large mountains that we have to engrave our applications inside them. Same as we discovered that making building blocks makes construction easier, faster and better; we now see the new network appliances as the easier, faster and better way to build our computing solutions.

We can define a network appliance as computing device that has limited number of functions or applications and can work and integrate into a local or wide area network.

In today's market, you find network appliances to work as Internet Server, E-mail Server, Network Storage, Network Fire Walls, and many other applications. These devices are easy to install, implement and use. It requires less support and maintenance work and is not prone to human errors as much as regular computer servers or personal computers.

3COM has always been a networking leader. As we all know 3COM for its excellent Hubs, Switches, Network Cards, and Modems. It's now entering the new computing age with quite interesting network appliance products including Network Storage Servers, Internet Servers and eMail Servers.

  • 3COM OfficeConnect Network Storage Servers

This dedicated server supports file sharing among local, mobile, and telecommuting LAN users. File sharing increases communication and collaboration productivity, and can increase existing server performance by offloading the storage burden. This server comes in two models with different storage capacities: 20GB (p/n: 3C19500) and 40GB (p/n: 3C19501). These servers can be installed in less than 15 minutes with the support of plug-and-play operation, it has limited Lifetime Warranty, its software can be upgraded through the web, and it takes a small footprint which means a low total cost of ownership. The server also comes with Backup application software and intuitive web-based administration interface.

  • 3COM Internet Server
This dedicated server combines a secure Web hosting platform with e-mail and file and print sharing services. The result is a comprehensive set of business-critical functions that support a secure, shared Internet experience. Same as the storage server, the 3COM Internet Server (p/n: 3C19504) has an intuitive interface and wizards to enable easy set-up in less than 15 minutes. It supports wide range of e-mail protocols, Internet access connections and broadband feeds. To safeguard your data and software, the server includes a backup application and enables graceful shut-down with the hard switch-off. In addition, 3COM offers limited Lifetime Warranty and Free Software Upgrades through the Web.

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