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(Data Acquisition for Android Smart Phones & Tablets)

GetBlue is a versatile Android application for bi-directional data acquisition.

GetBlue collects data from Bluetooth SPP, TCP/IP, HTTP and camera scanners automatically in the background. The captured data is forwarded to adjustable target devices, files, online spreadsheets or even injected into 3rd party applications. Bi-directional device communication is supported, manual communication functions for reading and writing data are available as well.

The data acquisition app GetBlue can be operated like a cross-switch: it captures data from an adjustable data source and forwards it to any supported target. The following devices and protocols are currently available:

  • Bluetooth SPP and Bluetooth RFCOMM
    All serial Bluetooth devices supporting the Serial Port Profile (like SPP or RFCOMM barcode scanners) can be used. GetBlue supports Bluetooth client and Bluetooth server mode, thus device as well as PC connections are possible.
  • TCP/IP
    Any device providing a raw TCP/IP socket.
  • HTTP
    HTTP GET and HTTP POST requests with adjustable parameters.
  • Camera scanners
    GetBlue offers an internal barcode scanner. External scanner apps can be used if required.
  • Manual data input
    Device commands can be entered manually.

Captured data can be forwarded via Bluetooth, TCP/IP and HTTP to any target device. In addition the collected data can be

  • displayed (HEX or ASCII)
  • stored locally in a file (including time-stamps)
  • uploaded to a Google Docs Spreadsheet
  • or injected into arbitrary apps on the smartphone via the GetBlue soft-keyboard (keyboard wedge operation).

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(Bluetooth Keyboard-Wedge for Android)

BluePiano extends arbitrary Android apps with automated and universal data collection capabilities.

BluePiano works as a so-called keyboard wedge: such a keyboard wedge captures device data and forwards this data by simulating user-input to target apps. Captured device data appears as entered by the user in the input field of the target application - without manual typing:

  • Accelerated, automated data acquisition (e.g. when scanning bar-codes with an external Bluetooth scanner).
  • Compatible with all serial Bluetooth devices (Bluetooth SPP - serial port profile respective RFCOMM).
  • Captured data is injected into input-fields of arbitrary target apps.
  • Transparent data collection via simulated user-input.
  • Additional key on the soft-keyboard for recovering lost Bluetooth connections.
  • Simulation rules for target application specific cursor control.
  • Keyboard languages (English, German, French, Russian and Swedish) are selected automatically according to the system language.

BluePiano is very user-friendly: After downloading and installing BluePiano a setup assistant supports the configuration of the keyboard wedge. The soft-keyboard notifies users in case of lost Bluetooth connections using the notification bar or via a meaningful symbol on the additional Bluetooth key. Recovering lost connections is possible with a single tap (e.g. Bluetooth scanner out of range). The integrated camera scanner is useful for backup purposes.

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Barcode-Scanner Keyboard for Android

With this Android soft-keyboard it is possible to scan and enter barcodes with arbitrary apps. A special key on this keyboard invokes the built-in (or an external) camera barcode scanner. The scanned bar-codes are automatically entered into the current text field of the target app, the bar-code data appears as entered manually. Modifications of the target app are not required for this purpose!

The app Barcode-Scanner Keyboard provides an alternative input method for Android devices. If required, the camera scanner is invoked with a single tap. Manual input is - of course - still supported.

Once installed and enabled the input method is available for all apps on your handset or tablet. To ensure universal usability, the Barcode-Scanner Keyboard can be configured to use control keys for simulating cursor movements per target application. The keyboard can be used with conventional apps, with browsers and with remote desktop applications (RDP).

English, German, French, Swedish and Russian keyboard layouts are available; the keyboard layout is adjusted according to the system language of your Android.

It's a real time-saver: The app provides convenient barcode-scanning capabilities, typing efforts are reduced, app-switching or copy/paste operations are eliminated completely and multiple bar-codes are scanned easily with the provided batch-scanning mode.

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Rapid Inventory App for Android

Rapid Inventory simplifies stocktaking and inventory management tasks with your Android device!

Create, manage and control your item stock lists, scroll of articles, part lists, equipment serial numbers, physical or fixed assets, CD and DVD collections, etc. The built-in barcode scanner and the integrated support for industry-grade Bluetooth scanners allow you to manage item data in no time at all.

Rapid Inventory was optimized for fast and smooth operation on smart phones and tablets; particular emphasis was placed on simple and intuitive operation. The integrated data exchange functions allow you to import existing stock lists or to use the collected data for further processing. Data import and data export can be performed using CSV files, XML files or by the means of Google Docs (Google online spreadsheets).

Feature Overview:

  • Simple and fast design
    The user interface was designed for simple and fast operation. A complete inventory is created in just a few minutes from scratch.
  • Quick stock quantity update
    Increment or decrement stock quantities by just one click.
  • Searchable item list
    The item list can be displayed by ID or by description. Items are searched automatically for a complete or partial match whenever the user enters text or scans a barcode.
  • Data import and data export
    Data import and data export from/to CSV files (e.g. created with Microsoft Excel), XML files and Google Drive spreadsheets is supported.
  • Built-in camera barcode scanner
    The built-in camera barcode scanner (by ZXing) reliably decodes most linear and 2D codes.
  • Bluetooth barcode scanner support
    Barcodes can be scanned with the integrated camera scanner or with industry-grade external Bluetooth barcode scanners (Bluetooth SPP required) . External scanners are recommended for a better scanning experience and improved efficiency.
  • Optimized for smart phones and tablets
    On tablets the app displays the relevant data (item list view and item detail view) on a single screen. On smart phones these views are separated.

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