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TWedge v3 
(Data Collection Software - Universal Keyboard Wedge)

You want to import and process data from external devices such as barcode scanners, gauges or scales? But your application does not support direct device connections?

TWedge is the solution to your problem! With TWedge, it is just a matter of minutes to implement a simple yet powerful, automated data-collection system for devices such as scanners, scales, controllers, electronic gauges, RFID or WiFi controllers, access control systems, medical devices and many more.

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TWedge CE 
(Data Collection Software for Windows Mobile, Windows CE)

The data collection software TWedgeCE provides generic data acquisition features for mobile devices.This keyboard wedge software enables you to capture data from external devices (e.g. bar code readers and electronic scales) with any Pocket PC, Windows CE or Windows Mobile application. TWedgeCE supports RS232 (serial interface, COM), Bluetooth, TCP and UDP connections.

How does it work? TWedgeCE reads device data and forwards it to target applications by simulating keystrokes (keyboard wedge operation). Flexible automation functions are available - e.g. you can select the required input field automatically, activate or start applications on demand, or simulate function keys based on input data. Programming knowledge is not required for using this software tool.

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(Data Acquisition ActiveX Control)

The data acquisition software component TConnector makes seamless data collection easy.

Insert TConnector into your application or into Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word, Delphi... and you are able to capture data from any device (bar code reader, RFID controller...) within minutes.

The built-in TCP/IP support simplifies intranet-based applications considerably. TConnector is very simple to use - the unified API supports serial port (RS232, COM) read/write, TCP/IP read/write, NULL device and File-IO read/write with only 5 function calls!

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(Event Checking Software)

Professional, friendly, competent and attentive. Exactly these qualities make a lasting impression on your guests. Take the opportunity and convince your visitors at the check-in counter of your competence!

The check-in software BlueBooking supports the hassle-free and discreet registration of your guests at any event. With the help of bar-code badges or NFC/RFID tags, the check-in is done within seconds.

For scanning, you may choose between stationary or wireless barcode-, NFC- or RFID-readers. The use of Android smartphones is also supported. The time consuming manual administration of attendee lists is void. Booking errors are eliminated and the check-in staff is able to provide 100% of their attention to the guests.

How Does It Work?

The event organizer assigns each registrant a unique ID in advance. Any identifier that can be associated with a guest without ambiguity can be utilized - good choices are an email address, a ticket number, a registration number, etc. This ID is encoded in a bar-code (e.g. Code128, Han Xin Code, QR Code) or stored on a NFC/RFID tag. Once the guest arrives at the check-in counter, your staff scans the ID and BlueBooking registers the arrival time and the optional check-in location for the attendee. Unknown attendees or duplicate check-ins are flagged immediately.

As a highlight, immediately after scanning the badge, BlueBooking is able to display guest-specific data directly on a suitable scanner or smartphone. This feature is extremely helpful to the check-in staff, providing on the spot information like VIP status, hand-out details, etc.

The check-in system does not require special IT know-how and can be installed on off-the-shelf laptops or PCs. After importing the list of attendees, BlueBooking can be used immediately.

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RFID Controller 
(Data Acquisition Controller)

Using this RFID controller software component you are able to communicate with EMS Cobalt HF controllers (a product of Datalogic Automation RFID) from within your application. With a few simple commands (tag memory read/write...) RFID tag data can be transmitted and processed.

The communication protocol for the Cobalt RFID controller is encapsulated completely by this product. The current operational state can be queried at any time and provide exact information in each situation.

This RFID software component offers a Microsoft COM and a Microsoft ActiveX programming interface. Thus it is easily used with scripting languages like VBS (Visual Basic Scripting) and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications like Microsoft Office, Word, Excel Access, etc.). It is also just a matter of minutes to integrate RFID connectivity in software developed with Visual Basic, Visual C/C++ and virtually all other programming languages.

  • For EMS (Datalogic Automation RFID) Cobalt HF Series, EMS HF 0405-xx
  • RS-232/422 connectivity with ABx Fast protocol
  • Reads and writes all RFID tags supported by the controller

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