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TFORMer Designer 
(Bar Code Label Designer)

Start immediately with ready-to-use labels and industry compliant forms. The included label templates can be used in an instant and eliminate time consuming design efforts completely. Examples: VDA-4902 Labels, AIAG, AMES-T, Galia, Odette, GTL Transport Labels, GS1 Logistics Labels and many more.


Principle: Label Software, Form Printing
Principle: Label Software, Form Printing

Watch this Video: TFORMer Designer v. 7.5 

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(Bar Code Label Printing SDK)

TFORMer SDK prints industry compliant forms, reports and barcode labels with data supplied by your application. Use the ready-to-use label templates shipped with TFORMer Designer (e.g. automotive labels, industry compliance forms, compliance labels, transport labels, shipping labels, ...) or create the label layouts yourself. All labels and forms are printed immediately by your application.

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TFORMer AutoDoc 
(Automated Document Generation Software)

TFORMer AutoDoc is a simple but powerful solution for automated document generation. It uses form layouts designed with TFORMer Designer and combines them with arbitrary data. The variable user data is passed via XML or text files. TFORMer AutoDoc supports multiple output channels: send to printer (Windows compatible printers), save as PDF file and send as email.

The documents are generated without any user interaction, TFORMer AutoDoc runs in the background as Windows system service. All parameters of TFORMer AutoDoc can be adjusted within one single configuration file. TFORMer AutoDoc works with TFORMer Designer or TFORMer SDK.

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TFORMer Server
(Industrial Output Management)

TFORMer Server is a scalable, industry-fit output solution for automatic labeling and form printing purposes. Full-featured bar code support is integrated. Graphically designed layouts for forms, reports and labels are printed reliable (24/7 operation). TFORMer Server receives printing requests from arbitrary host applications (e.g. from ERP systems like SAP R/3 or ORACLE) and guarantees hassle-free output on arbitrary printers.

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