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TBarCode / SAPwin 

TBarCode/SAPwin extends as Barcode DLL the SAP spool transfer programs SAPSprint and SAPlpd with bar code printing. In addition TBarCode/SAPwin can be operated with the SAPGUI Client for Windows.

The main advantages are....

  • All common linear and two dimensional bar codes used in industry and trade available in one product.
  • Bar code printing takes place printer independent and without hardware extensions. Exchanging printers is possible at any time. Broad range of supported printer models (activation through SAP spool transfer programs with Windows printer drivers).
  • Both operation on print servers and Windows clients possible (network and local printers).
  • Simple and hassle-free installation.
  • Straightforward usage in all documents (SAPscript, SmartForms, ABAP) with System Barcodes and Printcontrols
  • Generation of the bar codes in the highest possible output quality. Adaptation to toner saturation or ink spread is supported.
  • No data limit for 2D codes: You can print several thousand Bytes per symbol.
  • Very cost effective…
    Per printer costs: none. Costs when exchanging printers: none. Costs for hardware upgrades: none. Printer font downloads: none. SAP form modifications: none. Installation efforts (system level): nearly zero. Product support: free!

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TBarCode / Direct 
Barcodes in SAP without Middleware

  • TBarCode/Direct is installed within your SAP system only. No additional software, no system level installation and no additional hardware is required.
  • Works with SAPscript, SmartForms and ABAP reports.
  • Prints bar-codes on all PostScript® enabled printers (Postscript® Level 2 and newer).
  • Works even if the printers are switched off between jobs.
  • TBarCode/Direct is integrated seamlessly into the printing process. It works perfectly with output management systems

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TBarCode / X
(for Unix, Linux and Mac OS X)

With TBarCode/X each PostScript® or PCL® compatible printer is immediately enhanced with barcode printing. This is achieved by hooking up TBarcode/X in the printer queue on system level. This can be done with all spool systems like LPR, LPRng, CUPS, XPrint, etc.

Thus the barcode software TBarCode/X may be transparently combined with ERP systems and applications like SAP® ERP, R/3® or Oracle®.


  • The barcode creation is done automatically during spooling/printing
  • No special bar code printers required
  • No further hardware extensions (like barcode DIMMs or SIMMs) or barcode fonts necessary
  • No additional costs per printer or for replacement printers
  • Post-processing requirements like faxing, emailing etc. can be fulfilled
  • Unified control sequences for barcodes
  • Customizable to individual needs

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