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Barcode Studio 
(Windows and Mac OS X)

With Barcode Studio you quickly create high-quality bar code images for pre-press requirements and desktop publishing applications. Barcode Studio operates on its own, no additional software and no programming skills are required. Ready-to-use barcode templates support the creation of compliance bar-codes. Barcode Studio works on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, or Unix

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TBarCode Office 
(Barcode Add-in for Word, and Excel 2007, 2010 & 2013)

This software offers maximum usability. TBarCode Office integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel: All bar codes are pre-configured according to industry standards; thus this barcode add-in is best suited for untrained users.

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TBarCode SDK 
(for Microsoft Office Users and Windows Developers)

With TBarCode SDK you are using barcode generator software, which has been successfully proven in countless stand-alone applications, server-based systems and reporting applications. The extensive support of linear, postal and 2D barcode symbologies (more than 100 barcode symbologies in total) makes TBarCode SDK the perfect choice for each type of application.

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TBarCode / X
(for Unix, Linux and Mac OS X)

With TBarCode/X each PostScript or PCL compatible printer is immediately enhanced with barcode printing. This is achieved by hooking up TBarcode/X in the printer queue on system level. This can be done with all spool systems like LPR, LPRng, CUPS, XPrint, etc.

Thus the barcode software TBarCode/X may be transparently combined with ERP systems and applications like SAP ERP, R/3 or Oracle.


  • The barcode creation is done automatically during spooling/printing
  • No special bar code printers required
  • No further hardware extensions (like barcode DIMMs or SIMMs) or barcode fonts necessary
  • No additional costs per printer or for replacement printers
  • Post-processing requirements like faxing, emailing etc. can be fulfilled
  • Unified control sequences for barcodes
  • Customizable to individual needs

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